Thursday, April 20, 2006

Qantas QF489 take 5

fter two 20 minutes sessions on the priority line listening to "Your call is very important to us. All our service advisers are busy at the moment" and then the encouraging - well I thought it was - you have progressed in the queue, I get a live person.

"Yes, your bag left Perth this morning at 6.30am and will be in Melbourne at 11.30. Give us a ring then and we will update you."

Hang on... Perth?? Didn't I just come from Sydney?? But this lady had obviously had a few people chasing luggage and strongly informed me, "Yes, it is on the 6.30am out of Perth and we will get it to you."

I struggled through the day, got to tell the story a few times and magically - well with all what had gone on it certainly seemed like magic, my bag appeared at 2.30pm, nearly in time to pack it up and head home to Perth.

I always thought that people made up these stories...

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