Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Qantas QF489 April19 2006 take 2...

Great... the flight to Melbourne is loading early so I am off from the Qantas Club to gate 10 to take my seat but things aren't quite right.

As I enter the cabin it is unbelievably HOT - and it is 8pm on a cool Sydney evening. So hot it is difficult to breath. And the distress on the fellow passengers faces is clearly evident.

Taking my seat I wonder aloud why so hot... and the captain comes on the PA "Ladies and gentlemen, sorry about the lack of airconditioning but the power system is down, and the auxiliary power system is not working but we should be too long and we will be able to use our own power once we push back from the terminal. I will get back to you when I know more."

And the heat continues... and people are getting more distressed... and 20 minutes pass before our captain comes back to let us know what's going on. "We are waiting for our luggage to be loaded and should be too long. We can't hook up to the auxiliary power because it is too noisy... but once we are under way our airconditioning should give us some relief."

Another 10 minutes later, the lady sitting with me in Row 10 is becoming distressed and calls for water. After a seemingly inexcusably long wait, she is given a bottle of water. "Thank you" she says, "I am sure that there are others who would appreciate a drink." The steward says, straight faced, "Oh we couldn't do that whilst we are still on the ground..."

Oh, sorry me, customers are soooo much trouble!

So, 30 minutes after the schedule departure time we are in the air, and starting to be cool. and it's time for the MEAL!

Well, if only I was on Virgin where I could buy something to eat because the meal on QF489 is a twin packet of pretzels and a soft drink.

And to add insult to injury, the captain comes back on the PA and says, we will try and get you into Melbourne on time.

Well, we will see!!

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