Saturday, February 27, 2021

Of course they say Old Media Won!

 The Facebook saga is subsiding in Australia with "small" changes being made to the Bargaining Code and 7West already agreeing to a pittance in payment from Facebook... and it is easy to see who won this "war". I remind people that if you run on a platform for free you are bound by their rules. Up until now Old Media have been sucked in by Facebook reposting their stuff to keep people involved with "facebook" sort of reminds me of hotel giving away their cutomers to site like and which are all under one of two banners now and it is too late for hotels to get their cutomers back.

My overall comment is that the worl is run by highly educated idiots... trurt the science they say which is the same science that once promoted a FLAT WORLD where the sun orbited the earth, where they locked up people for disagreeing.... nthen the earth and 8 planets orbited the sun but hang on didn't they [the scientists] just reduce Pluto to a super nova... and it is the earth and 7 planets orbiting the Sun... and now the Universe is expanding - new telescopes... new science. AAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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