Monday, February 22, 2021

News? Today's West Australian doesn't have any.

 My daily early morning walk is designed around a stop halfway for a coffee, buy the paper, and stop and do this.

    1. Walk point is 5000 stps of 15000 a day
    2. paper cost $1.70 weekdays
    3. coffee is $1

    "some nonsense for you, I used to stop at Maccas but saw an add [ yes they do work!] that 7/11 had         $1 coffee;- I used to pay Maccas $4.10 for coffee and "nick" the paper but I pay $2.70 for coffee and       paper and feel much better"

Today's Issue: With No Harvey Norman or JB Hifi ads - but they are stuffesd in my letter box today[?] - the paper is very skinny! so much so, I was told by the lady at 7/11 that Facebook had banned news... yet the week has planty of stories - the Australian Open, the Facebook story, the vacs rollout, the Canberra Sex Scandal, the Western Australian Election run off. plus lots ofother things... but not enough for a "think" paper if no ads.... and they wonder why us plebs have lost interest in the "news" 

I get it [ the daily paper ] to keep in "her inside's good books" she does the crossword and puzzles.

Mmmm... isn't there something going on with Mexit and Oprah at the moment. 

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  1. My story is somewhat different - I drive to the newsagent!

    But the real news is that I have now begun again to buy the two major daily newspapers as I need their book reviews to enable me to reserve a few more interesting books at my local library.