Sunday, September 22, 2019

Rules for work and life

Rules for Work and Life[Stephen A Schwarzman]

It's as easy to do something big as it is to do something small, so reach for a fantasy worthy of your pursuit, with rewards commensurate to your effort


The best executives are made, not born. They never stop learning. Study the people and organisations in your life that have had enormous success. They offer a free course from the real world to help you improve.


Write or call the people you admire, and ask for advice. You never know who will be willing to meet with you. You may end up learning something important or form a connection you can leverage for the rest of your life. Meeting people in life creates unusual bonds.


There is nothing more interesting to people than their own problems. Think about what others are dealing with, and try and come up with ideas to help them. almost anyone, however senior or important, is receptive to new ideas provided they are thoughtful.


Every business is a closed, integrated system with a set of distinct ut interrelated parts. Great managers understand how each part works on its own and in relation to all the others.

Information is the most important asset in business. The more you have the bigger your advantage!

Only take a job that provides you with a steep learning curve and training is provided.


Impressions matter. Things like being on time, be authentic, be prepared and look the part.


No one, regardless of how smart, can solve every problem


people usually focus on their own problems when the answer usually lies in fixing someone else's problem.

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