Monday, September 30, 2019

Redemption? In the time of polictical correctness?

The Marlion Pickett Family

Our Australian Papers are filled with the story of Marlion Pickett, a footballer who achieved greatness by playing his first game of AFL Football in a winning Grand Final side...

But where ould the story be if he came from out current PC world?? Pickett is from a disadvantaged background, spent time in prison and didn't get a chance to shine until in his late 20's. What is more, he gives his success to overcoming the adversities that life through at him... and the popular press is lapping it up.

But if he was from a progressive left leaning community he would not have learned the pain of losing [ hey, the goalposts have been removed so they don't even keep score ] he wouldn't have spent time in prison [Oh he would be free to roam and do shit because "it wasn't his fault!"]

My thoughts are that life has and will continue to be about overcoming hurdles and setbacks... if we remove all of those you won't learn resilience or fortitude... we are being run by snowflakes who want everything to be like the lollipop world of rainbows.

Unfortunately, I have to apologise for having an opinion OR NOT.

[Why the strange spelling for Marlion - the added i is to distance him from his past!]

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