Tuesday, July 11, 2017

End of things as we know them Part 2: Landlines for phones

Do you remember a telephone that was attached to the wall?? We still have one - it is the thing we still have because our ADSL Broadband internet provides it for free. We have a phone number for it which has been reduced to being only useful as a reference number. and the phone line is hocked up to an answering machine and the usual call is phone the phone company [ Telstra in Australia ] reminding us to pay the bill. We actually do not answer incoming calls on that phone as we haven't given out the number in a number of years and the four adults who live here all have their individual mobile [ cell for our American friends ] phones.

What has this change meant?? Well in the old days when my daughter came home for holidays her friends used to call. Now they probably do but we [ her mother and I ] wouldn't know.

Poll companies don't like to ring mobiles because they can't be sure where the phone is being answered so the last 3 years have been disastrous for their predictions of who would win elections.

And young people under 10 would have no idea what they are for.

This is what a telephone once looked like

A trip a couple of years ago to Kenya found that they never had hard wired phone - mobiles were deployed nation wide quicker and cheaper than any previous system.
So, 10 years of the iPhone have seen off many tings and the old hardwired phone is one of them.

[ Sad story - Australia's NBN - fast internet - is still not scheduled for my area - just 8 kilometres from the cbd so I will have to jeep my landline util at least 2022. ]

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