Monday, July 10, 2017

The End of things as we know them: Newspapers

For more than 40 years - since June 1975 to put a date on it, I have had the newspaper delivered to my home. 2 months ago, my bank, as a security measure cancelled the credit card that the paper was charged to and in the 10 days it took for the new card to come, we didn't miss the paper, so now we buy Saturdays paper [ down from 200 pages to 120 ] and Sundays paper down from 160 to 80 pages when buying groceries or breakfast.

Here is what Bobby Casey, Managing Director Global Wealth Protection says:

Here are some of the things that are slowly being phased out:
Newspapers. I only know they still are in print because I saw one the other day at a coffee house. For the most part, that same news is produced at a subscription rate if not free online.

The West Phone App
In my case I got an email from The West Australian [ I am in Perth Western Australia  ] saying - download our FREE app and keep up to date... so I have now reason to restart the delivery service and when I want to read a newspaper I can do that either online or at the coffee shop

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