Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hilton Fail Customer Service basics

I wonder if anyone has had the experience of being treated as a second class guest... right from checking in??

I booked a night [ Tuesday May 5th 2015 ] through the Qantas site... an offer that came with the confirmation of my flight booking.

On arriving at the reception I was asked for photo ID... and the young check in person disappeared behind the wall. When she returned she disguised the fact she had photocopied my drivers licence.

I challenged her about it and she said because Qantas was a 4th party booking agent - apparently they use Expedia - it was company policy to photocopy the Drivers Licence... I complained again saying that didn't happen on my previous visit and that I was a Hilton Honors member and they had all my details on file... "Please get me a manager" was my request.

Stewart arrived and he was less than pleasant.... I asked to talk to the manager of the hotel and he informed me he was as far as I could get.

Asked for an appointment to personally chat with the General Manager so I could record my displeasure... after asking for the booking to be cancelled and being gleefully informed that it was a non refundable booking!!

I said I would continue with my booking, reluctantly, but I would like to talk with the general manager... he assured me that when the GM's PA returned he would arrange this.

Well a Morgan rang. I presumed she was the GM's PA but no she was someone else... telling me that I had agreed to the terms of them photocopying my ID in case of card fraud. However if I booked direct they would not have that requirement. "Oh you aren't the GM's PA then"  Morgan told me " He is VERY busy and I can't get to talk to his PA and I can't get you a meeting the the GM."

And in the Press announcement of his appointment to GM of Hilton Sydney it says: Ronald Van Weezel said: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with a dynamic team and represent a market leading hotel in such a vibrant city. I am looking forward to continuing to enhance this flagship hotel and consistently delighting our guests.”

Well it isn't going so well mate!! I will have left before anyone actually here about my side of the story... that is someone in a position that isn't "covering their arse"


Ronald van Weezel

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