Saturday, May 02, 2015

1000 Raving Fans

The Start of your 1000 Raving Fans
1000 Raving Fans

There are many articles and thoughts about the value for 1000 raving fans.

The logic is that with this fan base, any idea or business will be a success. The proposition is that any idea you have will have enough support from your 1000 raving fans that it will become viral because your “1000 raving fans” will share it with 3 or 4 people and they will share it with 3 or 4 more… and before long, 10's of 1,000's of people know and support what you are trying to do.

Where could you start and build a “1000 Raving Fan Base?”

The best place to start would be any "entrepreneurial" group of you are associated with like Paul Dunn’s B1G1, Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics, or a local Chamber of Commerce. If you have started travelling then your fellow travelers to exotic places.

And another good source would be your client base from any business you are involved with or had a previous association.

And now some practical advice!! From my own experience but more importantly from recently becoming a fan of all things Amanda Palmer, you must start building an email database of your 1000 raving fans and also start sharing with them. You need to involve your raving fans in everything you do and have them champion your cause.

So, who are your first 100 Raving fans... start today.

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