Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What was Dr Karl thinking…

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
What was Dr Karl thinking…

First a disclosure: I approached Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on my travels a few years ago when I spied him in the Qantas Club and I asked for and receive an autograph on a yellow post it note… I am a FAN!!

I wondered, sometimes aloud, when I saw what he was doing… although he was talking about Aussie inventions, the number of people working in IT, and also the number of young people working to support old farts like me… I was wondering if Dr Karl was endorsing the full report.

Obviously not, as reports are now surfacing that he hadn't even read it before gushingly telling everybody that we should read it.
Dr Karl fronting the TV ads for the Inter Generation Report,

I thought about destroying my autograph but I can’t find it!!

Then I thought... everyone can make a mistake... Dr Karl that's yours for 2015

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