Friday, April 17, 2015

Book in a weekend... accepting the challenge

I am going to research, write and publish a new book Meerkat - The Scaredy Cats Complete Guide starting from now... Friday 9.20 am Perth Western Australia time and publish by midnight Monday April 20th, 2015... and by blogging about it I will share with you the progress.

Why Meerkat?? Well it is the new buzz app for Social Media with apparently only 300,000 users so far. Facebook has 1.3 billion so there is some upside.

Why Scaredy Cats Complete Guide?? I am developing a range of guides, after successfully doing Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats - seminars, videos and audio programs, to be a Guide a month for people who would rally like to try something new but feel like they are "scaredy cats" when it comes to the risk of learning something new. so I had an outline to follow

Why share the process with you? Accountability in one word. I purchased AppSumo's manual... Finish Your Damn Book so I had an outline to follow. And now I have started.

I will report back when I have registered the domain
name and started the research project.

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