Thursday, October 10, 2013

Give your good stuff away for FREE and charge for your better stuff - the NEW reality

Here is Seth Godin's blog for today:

Better than free

Seth Godin
How do you compete with free? How does a wedding photographer or a travel agent—someone who used to
make a good living performing a task that was hard to do without them—compete against ubiquitous free alternatives?
There's only one way: Sell something better than free.
Make a product or provide a service that's worth paying for.
You don't need a better way to talk about what you do, or a better gimmick, or a better social media strategy. In fact, you need to reinvent and rebuild what you make for a new reality, a reality where paying for something is an intentional act of buying something way better than the free alternative.
I'm sorry if this seems obvious. It's apparently not obvious to all the frustrated people I encounter who are still trying to sell the old thing in a new market.

My advice..

Give your good stuff away for free - what you used to charge for before, and charge for your better stuff!!

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