Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So disappointing... best steak in Sydney no longer!!

Oooops not so good STEAK
It has been three years since I had steak at The Meat and Wine Co Steakhouse on Darling Harbour and I was so looking forward to my "steak on a plate..." and glass of merlot.

Well, the experience was just above average!! The service was terrible... the first time I can remember the waiter rubbing my shoulder... yes, the young waiter rubbed my shoulder and said... "I will be your server this evening..."

The time from being seated to having my order taken was inordinately long... and my Merlot took even longer to arrive. My standard order is "rib-eye steak please, medium rare and NOTHING else... no sides, no sauce, no chips... just the steak and my red..

Well from the photo you can see the steak was covered in "something" and it was COLD... and I rarely leave any steak behind... well I could finish this one.

So on my Platypus Jack scale it was a 1/5 because I at least got to eat half. I won't be back there for at least 3 years!!

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