Saturday, February 18, 2012

13 Reasons be part of triberr

Hector Cuevas

Great new article I found on the use of I have a team of 5 million looking after my tweets... how about you??

Here is the article by Hector Cuevas who had 10 tips... I added the last 3!!:

If you haven’t heard about Triberr,you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past year or so.

If that’s the case, then I don’t blame you. But that’s highly unlikely. What is Triberr? It’s a web-based platform that gives small and medium sized bloggers a voice.
It’s a simple way for bloggers to share each others content. That’s it – simple but truly an amazing creation that solves a real problem in the blogosphere.

Here are my TEN Reasons for joining Triberr Today
1. You get the power of numbers effect
2. Brings high quality visitors to your site
3. Increase ReTweets of your posts
4. Network with other Bloggers
5. Increase blog comments (not guaranteed if your content sucks)
6. Expand your reach
7. Join the “Big Leagues”
8. You get to find out what works much faster
9. It’s a semi-automatic tool (which I think is important)
10. Dino & Dan keep adding more cool features

And here are my 3:

11. Increases your prospects of earning if you have Adsense on your site
12. Bumps up your alexa traffic
13. Bragging rights - gee 1000 new visitors a day is something to brag about.

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