Monday, August 13, 2012

Tweepi... this unusal tool is Step 19 to Conquer SocialMedia 2012

Tweepi is a tool to help you mold your twitter family!!

Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. Welcome back with my 23 Steps to Conquer Social Media 2012.

One of the areas that causes people a number of problems is
that they like to follow lots of people, and all the recommendation is that if somebody hasn't followed you back in the last, say, 28 days, the chances of them following you back ever in the future are pretty slim.

Twitter have a number of rules that are designed to stop people spamming that say at a certain figure you can't follow any more. The first figure that catches most people out is you can't follow more than 2,000 people unless you've got 2,000 people following you.

If you were to look at the
people that you follow, you would find maybe, half or 60% are not following you back and therefore you're stuck on this 2,000 figure. As you get more followers with twitter more, the figure is 10% more of the number you have is what you can follow. If you've 10,000 followers, you can follow 11,000. But lots of people drop out, take you off their list, et cetera.

There is a program that we use that allows you to look at this really well, and it's called There is a free version and a paid version, and a young guy in Jordan of all places, writes it and maintains it.

So, I recommend that you investigate Tweepi.

It allows you to follow up
to 40 people at a time or unfollow 40 people at a time for the free version and it has various paid versions. One of the very few programs that I'm happy to pay the $14 a month to use because in the paid version, it will tell you how many times you've followed somebody when you followed them back, so you get around or not necessarily get around but you don't fall foul of the rules that Twitter quite rightly have which are called churn where people follow then unfollow, follow then unfollow, hoping to trick people into following them back so the counts go up.

It has some other really interesting things that you can use. It allows you to use search by # [hashtag]. Now we have a number of clients in the Middle East, in the city states of Qatar, actually which is a state rather than a city state but Dubai or Abu Dhabi all that, and what we are able to do is put the hashtag for those cities or states in, and it will tell you people who are using those hashtags. 

Just today, I heard on our local radio here in Perth, there's a telephone, and one of the local banks are saying if you mention them and put in a hashtag Channel 7 telephone, they will donate money to charity. Tweepi allows you search on those tags and find people who are mentioning it. It also allows you to search geographically for people to follow within Twitter.

I highly recommend it. I've been using it for couple of years. As I said, this is one of the very few, I'm happy to pay the extra money. It allows me to follow up to 200 at a time or to unfollow a similar amount, and I seem to be able to not offend anybody by inadvertently churning them.

is Step number 19 of my 23 Steps for Conquering Social Media 2012.

This is
Wayne Mansfield saying, thanks for looking in, look forward to meeting you again.

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