Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Too Much Internet Time circa 2008

This advice was given on October 21st, 2008... does ANYTHING still apply?

How do you know if you're spending too much time on the internet?

The Internet has really opened up our worlds, empowering communication and the exchange of knowledge like never before.

Also photos of cats.

But with it, and all its benefits, come a few quirks as online life collides with everyday life. Our mission today? Well, it's the same thing we do every day, Pinky-- Try to take over the...

Er, wait... no.

Talk about the quirks... The quirks.


So here are just a few of the signs you might be spending just a little too much time on the internet

·         You're writing notes by hand and don't know how to revise without the highlight and delete functions.
·         In one day you can chat with five friends in Canada, three in England, two in the Philippines... plus learn how your buds' Diwali celebration went in Mumbai... And never leave your computer.
·         As Sherlock Holmes searches for the Purloined Letter in the book you're currently reading, you find yourself wondering why he hasn't checked Ebay yet.
·         You're American, but because of the online friends above, you find yourself regularly saying "zed" for the letter "zee," add unnecessary "U"s to words, and exclaim "bugger" when irritated.
·         ...Or the converse of this-- you're English, Canadian, or Indian, and friends wonder where all your beautiful "u"s have gone, and why you now address them as "youse guys" and "ya'll."
·         Someone tells a hysterically funny joke at a party, and you respond "LOL! LOL! ROTFL!"
·         Your Real World friends are forced to endure elaborate tales of people with names like GhostRiderNumberSeven, SharkGirl, AnarchistAnna and Skitzy42.
·         You know what the weather is doing in Spain and Sydney, but will need to actually get up off your butt and look out the window to see what it's doing in your town.
·         You mishear Culture Club's "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" as an offer to share your post on StumbleUpon
·         You order pizza online to be delivered to you from the shop next door.
·         You've written 2,000 Twitter posts, sent 500 emails, and have responded to 20 blog post comments a day, yet still need to send a "thank you" card to Gramma for the sweater from last Christmas.
·         You know how to make 37 different kinds of emoticons using only punctuation, but have no idea where to put a comma in a sentence.
·         You used to protest things like animal rights or war.... Now you incite forum members to mutiny against specific social media.
·         You react to your latest Google Pagerank increase about the same as you did the birth of your child.
·         Your mother comments about the spring birds twittering... and you wonder whether you should add them to your Following list...
·         ...You also wonder if wireless has finally made it to your neighborhood.

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Have you experienced any of the points on this list? If so, then go offline immediately and take a walk 



  1. im almost at 2000 twitter posts!

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