Friday, November 04, 2011

Twitter Followers try buying Taxidermied pig! 11c a time

Crazy article from Buffer:

This isn’t our biggest money-making story, but it’s an
 unusally weird tale of amazing financial success—of a sort: 
On March 29, 2011, Twitter user
 @TheBloggess tweeted “Everyone on twitter paypal me 11 cents in the next 24 hours because I need $1,000 to buy something incredibly stupid.”

Of course at that rate, it would take nearly 1000 people for every $100 raised…and yetit wasn’t long before she had received $402, almost all of it in 11 cent increments.
She later said “I emailed [people] thank-you notes until my wrists seized up and I had to quit.”
She wouldn’t tell anyone at the time what they were paying for. You had to send in your 11 cents without knowing what it would be used for.
So what was it she wanted to buy, anyway?
It was a ”taxidermied pig … dressed as Scarlett O’Hara.”
Of course, all truly weird stories don’t end after the first round: As it turned out, the pig was no longer available.
So, as she explained in a blog post (Dear Internet: You Have Lost Your Mind. Never Change) she tried to instead spend the money to get a picture of a celebrity doing something unusual. When she had no luck getting a picture of “Nathan Fillion with some twine,” she turned next to @Alyssa_Milano.
Suffice it to say, Alyssa’s initial response to the tale and it’s follow-up request was: “I’m confused.” Which, @ admitted, was “a totally a fair response.”
Of course, eventually, it all turned out for the best: a photo of Nathan Fillion coddling a baby made of twine was produced, which satisfied everyone.

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