Monday, June 27, 2011

Reaching 1 Million People Made Easy

For many years this blog has had a potential audience of some 100,000 readers when I mentioned links in my numerous email newsletters like The Maverick Spirit and PowerRead and also in my fledgling social media accounts across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Often people would comment about how impressive they thought that was. I was impressed too but things have got a whole lot better recently

My very good friend Mike Todd [@mqtodd] told me I should stop being happy with where I was and get involved with a new SMM network - tribber. The result of that 5 minute discussion - actually you can't have a 5 minute discussion with Mike but that is another story, is that my Twitter influence by way of direct tweets now approaches 1,000,000 - 963,500 to be exact as I write this on Monday June 27th 2011 from the cabin of a Qantas 737 on flight QF574 from Perth to Sydney Australia.

How did my potential audience jump so quickly?? Mike had a friend contact me by Skype from Osaka Japan and I was invited by Saul Fleischman [@oskasaul] to become part of his Social Media Moguls Tribe on which has just over 20 members but which then has a combined audience of nearly 1 million Twitter followers.

Social Media really does allow individuals to have extraordinary reach that only huge multi national broadcasters could have had just a few short years ago.

What does that mean?? Well if I want to ask a question about anything, make a positive observation or sound off about a bad customer experience I have had recently, how many people might have the opportunity of seeing it?? Let's count the ways that my Social Media network has spread:

twitter [@waynemansfield ] 123,000 direct connections PLUS the multiplier effect within twitters 200 million members
LinkedIn [] 7890 1st level connections with a 3 level deep network of 19.8 million
Facebook [ ] 4,000 friends and 10 "pages" with a HUGE reach within the 700 million Facebook pool

then add my regular email campaigns to a database approaching 200,000 and wow, do I have the ability to talk to a crowd.

Want to be part of this?? Let me know where you would like to join in and I will help make it happen - would it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or one of our newsletter databases...

Look out Rupert Murdoch - here I come!

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