Sunday, June 05, 2011

Open Letter to Alan Joyce CEO Qantas

Perth Qantas Lounge Sunday June 6 th 2011

Mr Joyce

Doesn't Qantas care about it's passengers any more?

For more years than I call to remember I have been travelling Perth to Brisbane on Sunday evenings leaving about 11pm getting to Brisbane at 5am Monday morning. We have scheduled our Brisbane seminars around this service...

But for a reason that nobody is willing to tell me, no service tonight. My options are to leave earlier and pay for accomdation in Brisbane or fly Jetstar which leaves at 12.30 pm [fingers crossed as the 2 previous planes are running late...] and arriving at 7am.

June 1st was supposed to be a new era in excess luggage charges for Qantas - a reversion to charging by the piece but tonight I have copped a $287 charge [19 kilos @$15/kg] so to fly on thr budget airline is costing me more than the "full service" big brother.

Mr Joyce... Qantas can and should do better.... Don't you think??

Wayne Mansfield Gold Frequent Flyer 3244129
Totally ticked off by Qantas again...

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