Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Boomers Rejoiced in Perth December 25 2010

Wow... it was hot Christmas Day. Officially 40c in Perth but MUCH hotter in the Swan Valley.

Joanne, Matthew and I joined my niece Yvette at her new home in Ellenbrook in Perth's newest city based in the Swan Valley. During winter and spring this is just heaven... but as summer begins to bite, the temperatures soar.

With more than 20 guests - Damien's grand father, mother and of course, new arrival Scott there was 4 generations of the Bunters... on our side three... and for the Cocivera's three also. Plus to make up the generation numbers my "blond" Auntie Nan and Uncle Bill were there so that made 4 generations of the Mansfield's. And to round out our cosmopolitan lot, Joanne's family, the Brunini's also was represented by three generations led my Marco.

And I nearly forgot... how could I, there was an appearance of the Ryans from Cowaramup [that's in the Margaret River wine region] with Lynn and Jenny.

With such a remarkable gathering of Aussies, the only thing that got hot was the temperature...

My contribution to trying to cool things down was a "misting outdoor" cooling system. Gee, I was a little "hot under collar" as I installed it with the help of Matt PLUS what seemed like 7 supervisors. Biting the tongue drew the sweet taste of blood... and I kid you not. You see I was under the threat of immediate death from Joanne if I didn't behave.

So, after a sumptuous lunch of turkey, chicken, ham, gourmet pizza, Aussie prawns and other delights, plus amazing sweets including icecream cake and trifle, everyone was officially "stuffed".

And how hot did it get?? Well, when Joanne and I got into our car to make the trip home, the temperature was 51c "in the sun"... I don't know about you but that is HOOOOOT!

And for proof... here is a snapshot of the console in my car recording the temperature.

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