Monday, December 27, 2010

Cricket Time for Renewal

Wow, if you are a cricket fan like I am, yesterday, the start of the Boxing Day test, was very hard to take. Aussies all out for 98... that's a school boy team's score and then England get to 157 without any bother...

And why pick a spinner and not play him?? Geez who are these selectors?? By the time they try a spinner the beer will be flat!! [Sorry I just had to work that in.]

Just listening to ABC - "what a dismal day for Australia" was the headline.

Perth was a fluke because Mitchell Johnson had his day [ he only has one a series!! ] and we thought the single sparrow heralded the summer.

When I heard Ricky Ponting say that he let them team do their own thinking over the Christmas break I know we were in trouble. And when the batting coach is reported as being angry... well maybe we need a new coach Justin. Maybe you should listen to the old axiom... those who can do, those who can't teach. In your case Justin you were the man and what made you great can't be taught even by a great like you...

There is always tomorrow but I fear that when it dawns it will be just more pain.

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