Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nanny State... how you become part of it...

Part of my daily ritual is to rise early and to talk 5,000 steps [that's what the pedometer says] to the local Fasy Eddys 24 hour diner and enjoy a flat white coffee. This means getting up about 4am and setting off into the early morning, watching the sun rise and the city wake up.

This morning was no different except that my usual greeting from the early morning shift was different... and I was already feeling agitated by the time I had to place my order rather than share chit chat with my early morning friends.

Western Australia leads [??] the way in its anti-smoking push... smoking isn't allowed in any eating area or 20 metres from one. Sellers of cigarettes aren't allowed to display the packets... it is really a social no no. A classic example of the granny state telling us what is best for us.

And it appears that I am now a supporter of this politically correct behavioural modification.

Why was I agitated?? The Fast Eddys manager was sitting with a customer who was smoking in a non smoking area - less than 1 metre from the PROMINENTLY displayed NO SMOKING signs.

Whatever the justification - no other customers - so early in the morning - bad law - I was aggrieved and I just had to tell the Fast Eddys' manager so.

Now you would think that would make me feel good, wouldn't you? Well it didn't. I felt I was being sucked into the web of a totalitarian state. Much like the events written about by Ayn Rand.. and I still feel I let myself down.

I wonder if I will complain again?? Probably... and still feel bad but this conditioning becomes habit!

Note to Self: Leave my sister alone when she smokes... she knows its bad for her but it is her choice.

Coffee Rating: Flat white was well made and hot 7/10

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