Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Twitter oh shiiiiiish another one to learn

In a presentation that was slower than paint drying, beamed live to the world by Robert Scoble on , I watched as the boy winders behind twitter announced a new interface.

What all the fuss was about I am not sure but they sure need some presentation skills [ maybe ] and if that is the inside of a company worth a $1b and with $160m in the bank... well I am amzed at the austerity!!

Just as I get to know how to use a certain set of rules, they go and change it on me. Facebook, iTunes, iPhone, LinkedIn groups, and now Twitter... geez enough of the change guys!!

Seriously, the world waits for no-one and if you want to keep up you need to follow Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki who degeek the good stuff and tell it like it is... Scoble says, and I agree, "There are some things, though, with new Twitter design, that are regressions (IE, worse than before)."

So, the only constant is change!

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