Sunday, July 04, 2010

Advanced Crystal Healing Configurations

"Geoffrey Keyte 04 July at 19:21

I have just completed my new e-book.

Entitled ‘Advanced Crystal Healing Configurations’ I have included many configurations which may well be new to you, however long you may
have been practising crystal healing!

The Crystal Healing Configurations which I am sharing with you in my new e-book will open your mind, body, and soul – and deepest cellular
memories – and will assist you in accomplishing your pre-destined tasks, for which you accepted Divine responsibility many many lifetimes ago.

Also included within my new e-book is some very profound information about Atlantis, Egypt and the pyramids, which it is very important for you
to know and understand.

As you absorb the vibrational energies of every word – and every illustration – within my Advanced Crystal Healing Configuration E-Book you will begin to learn how to ‘see’ with your inner eyes as your whole being begins to be prepared by the Ascended Masters to move from the Third Dimension into the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.

To obtain your copy of the Advanced Crystal Healing Configuration E-Book please visit:-

The cost of the Advanced Crystal Healing Configuration E-Book is only �10.95

With many blessings from the Golden Ones

Geoffrey Keyte"

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