Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best Coffee In WA - Big Claim

Sunday drive to Muchea to visit my brother-in-law Mark I was intrigued by by the Coffee Huts at 777 Great Northern Hwy Herne Hill claim of "WA Best Coffee".

So, on the way home I stopped in to test the claim.

Just near the outside area was a paddock with a dozen young horses and a bowl of carrots... a truly unique way to keep the none coffee drinkers amused. See photo of Joanne feeding the horses.

The coffee? expensive as coffees go - $4 for a take away flat white. Great service from two chatty ladies and server quickly. Well, I think it didn't satisfy that great claim "WA BEST COFFEE" but it was very acceptable and the horse feeding show certainly won some points... a 7 / 10 from me.

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