Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wotif insults good customers.. crazy stuff

Melbourne Bay View Hotel Tuesday April 21st...

I have prepaid on http://www.wotif.com/ which until now has been my favourite accommodation website, and I am standing at the Reception Counter and the clerk is asking to "photocopy my drivers licence" to keep on file in case my credit card payment to wotif is reversed.

I have been a customer of wotif for 4 or 5 years and have spent $10k's on accommodation without problem.

But looking deeper - would you give someone a copy of your drivers licence, for a payment made to someone else, when they have just swiped your card for "incidentals" ??? THEY HAVE TO BE CRAZY and you are CRAZIER if you would do it.

I demanded that they ring wotif and they checked their records - yes I have used them MANY MANY TIMES without problem... yes, I can get to sleep without leaving my credit card and drivers licence details to get a room I have PREPAID for!!

Bloody crazy... how to piss off a good customer.

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