Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wotif insults good customers.. crazy stuff

Melbourne Bay View Hotel Tuesday April 21st...

I have prepaid on http://www.wotif.com/ which until now has been my favourite accommodation website, and I am standing at the Reception Counter and the clerk is asking to "photocopy my drivers licence" to keep on file in case my credit card payment to wotif is reversed.

I have been a customer of wotif for 4 or 5 years and have spent $10k's on accommodation without problem.

But looking deeper - would you give someone a copy of your drivers licence, for a payment made to someone else, when they have just swiped your card for "incidentals" ??? THEY HAVE TO BE CRAZY and you are CRAZIER if you would do it.

I demanded that they ring wotif and they checked their records - yes I have used them MANY MANY TIMES without problem... yes, I can get to sleep without leaving my credit card and drivers licence details to get a room I have PREPAID for!!

Bloody crazy... how to piss off a good customer.


  1. Anonymous7:52 am

    Agreed , I also have used wotif for some years and have had this happen at my last three stays , when I asked what would be doen with the photcopy post payment they said it would be kept on the their records, we I promplty replied that it would not and needs to be deleted. Many staff who work in a hotel can access this data leaving it wide open. I will be looking at booking my accomadation through other means from now on.

  2. it happen to me one time but that because the total amount that my credit card charge are more than 4000 USD, but below that never happen yet