Friday, April 17, 2009

Business Travellers Desert Qantas maybe here is a reason

I booked a Qantas flight for one of our speakers who for one reason or another, didn't make the flight... and the very obliging Qantas lady issued a new ticket, and gained me a credit less some reissue fees and cancellation fees [nearly $80] to be used on the next flight.

So today I try to use that credit but the rules say that it must be the person who didn't make the flight, even though the ticket was purchased on a company credit card, and that person flew on a later plane which we paid in full for.

Is it any wonder why premium paying business customers [like me!] are deserting Qantas when petty rules are being enforced against what is obviously a loyal but more and more frustrated client.. a GOLD Frequent flyer [previously a Platinum Card] who publically supports Qantas.

How hard would it be the allow the credit against a ticket for the same company which will cost more, and maybe the reason why the Qantas loyally factor is maintained...

New CEO Alan Joyce, whenreporting 1750 job losses last week, said that Business and Premium travel had collapsed in last few months... with this attitude is it any wonder.

[Flt QF513 Booking 3RJI7N March 31st, 2009 Brisbane - Sydney ]

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