Thursday, January 01, 2009

Parking Ticket Walcott Stree Mount Lawley January 1?

Took Joanne to Breakfast at the Globe Coffee House on Walcott Street Mount Lawley on New Years Day. We left home just after 8.15 and arrived before 8.30. Great parking spot right outside the door... what a start to 2009

Joanne says as we walk to the coffee shop - "that guys writing you a parking ticket."

Well, how could that be?? It's a public holiday - don't these guys have the day off!!

Anyway, it's a private security firm and he must be on a quota.

Luckily I think of parking tickets as "good luck" and 2009 has started well.

Hang on... the signs say restrictions start at 9am and its only 8.30 - what the??

So, I use the iPhone camera to record the details - that's a new app for iPhone. I wonder if I can sell it on the AppsShop??

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