Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Virgin Train Service NOT

I wonder if Richard Branson will do anything about this "great publicitiy"


Lena Ainscow, 75, was trying to travel from London to Bromely, England, to visit her grandchildren. She had a ticket, but platform personnel put her on an earlier train. The conductor refused her ticket because it was for the later train, and told her she must immediately pay 115 pounds for her fare -- ten times the normal ticket price. She didn't have that much on her, so fellow passenger Tom Wrigglesworth, 32, appalled at how the elderly woman was being treated, started collecting money from other passengers to help her out. The Virgin Train manager called police -- collecting money is "begging" and illegal, the manager said.

He ordered Wrigglesworth to give the money back or be arrested. Wrigglesworth refused the demand. "I couldn't sit there are let this helpless woman deal with it on her own," he said. Police officers sided with Wrigglesworth: they refused to arrest him when they heard the whole story.

A Virgin Trains spokesman later apologized for "any distress caused."

Source: London Telegraph

Which doesn't help anything until they give the manager plenty of distress over his actions.

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