Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mercy's Christmas wish...

WOW where has 3 months gone?

Only 2 weeks until Mercy's Christmas wish comes true!

What can I say really, this has been an inspiring, eye opening, emotional and stressful thing to organise and there is absolutely no way that I could have gotten through this without the assistance of my amazing fiance', family, friends, work colleagues and people who I have never met! Assistance has come in the most amazing forms and from the most unbelievable places and we are ever so grateful and have truly been blessed! Thank you so much to all.

Can wait to send everyone photos of Mercy and her new eye!

We have had a few issues along the way with having Mercy's Visa and Passport released as there is an issue with child trafficking in Kenya however we are thankfully at the end of that and I will receive confirmation tomorrow (Kenya time). Due to this delay air fares are actually costing us over $1,000 more than originally planned but that is just the way things go. It has been very time consuming, stressful and frustrating for the orphanage too which is a real shame too but am so thrilled with their determination to make this happen too. Thank you Mary.

Our finances Update:

We have had an increase in air fares so we still need around $4,500 to cover the remaining air fare costs for Mercy and her carer Mary as well as some petrol costs.

Some items in progress and to come are:

Stroller donated by Baby Jogger Australia is on Ebay and currently at $400+ and finishes in 2 1/2 days

Tukka restaurant is Brisbane is finishing off their collections and we are hoping around $500 there

A couple of Websites have raffles in progress

May be a little on the late side but am organising Christmas Cards to sell which will help a gorgeous local artist as well as Mercy. WILL EMAIL DESIGNS AROUND SO PLEASE HOLD OFF BUYING ANY YET!

Am working on the Brisbane journalists still and have enlisted the help of some of the tourist operations donating to us as they have some great contacts. Helps the both of us!

Donna Payne

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