Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six Simple Steps to Living in The Moment

The notion of living in the present is both desirable and yet often confusing. How is it done, exactly?

Gill Hasson and Helena Pozniak offer six steps to a fulfilling life, right now:

1. Mindfulness Become aware of your thoughts and take control of your moods;

2. Gratitude Appreciating life's small pleasures has unexpected benefits;

3. Acceptance Let go of unattainable ideals;

4. Conquer Perfectionism If you're driven by the need to excel you need to enjoy life for its own sake;

5. Take Action Stop thinking, start doing; and

6. Be Creative Being absorbed in a task helps us experience life to the fullest!

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Remember: "What others do or say is their stuff; how we react, or not, is our stuff"!

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