Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hotels Hotels and More Hotels

Travelling constantly I often think there is nothing new to learn. With more frequent flyer points than is mathematically possible, a first hand knowledge of nearly every Airport Lounge from Mumbai to Auckland and in between, I could write the definitive “Guide to Business Travel on A Back Packers Budget.”

Well, even I can find something new and better when booking hotels in places you are unfamiliar with. My trusty is great for Australia but doesn’t seem to work as well when we are travelling to India, Qatar and the UAE. A recent visit to India had me staying, on the recommendation of a business associate, in a hotel that raised the feeling “I have gone passed this… if I am 5,000 kms from home, I want to be staying in the comfort I have become accustomed to.”

As it was just a couple of days, I made do with the “3 star business hotel” without a decent restaurant, no gym, no wireless internet… you know, I made do.

My frustration lead me to searching the internet and I came across Hotels Combined. Oh was that something special. Not only easy to use ( don’t you just like those websites that say they are easy to use and then make you feel like an idiot ) Hotels Combined seemed to have every hotel on the planet listed.

Matthew is on his way to Doha in June and with just a couple of simple instructions we had 444 hotels to choose from. And for Dubai, I didn’t know that there were that many possibilities.

So I have a new edition to my Travel Favourites Hotels Combined. It will be getting a work out over the next 12 months as we stage our 100 city tour of the secret behind the secret world tour.
I am away then, looking for a place to stay in Manchester UK..

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