Sunday, September 02, 2007

Your focus becomes your reality.

This includes everything you are, everything that you have, and the way people treat you. Can you believe that all the Good and all the Bad which is in your life now is there because you are using the power of your mind to create it?

All those things that you Do and Don't want are there because you have subconsciously chosen them!!

But the moment you choose to stop accepting this way of life, to stop thinking about these negatives in your life; to stop giving power to them and to stop giving away control to what you don't want, this is the instant you start to move towards what you DO want.

It is that simple and now you know it, use it.

Just because you couldn't do it yesterday, doesn't mean you can't do it today.

Just because it didn't work last time, doesn't mean it won't work this time.

Just because you are scared, doesn't mean you don't have the courage to make it happen.

Just because you might have failed time and time again, doesn't mean success isn't just over the next hill.

Just because you don't know every step in advance that you must take, doesn't mean you can't get started towards your dreams, right now.

Just because you might feel alone right now, doesn't mean you won't find the help and the friends and the tools to make it happen.

Just because you feel like you'll never get it all figured out on your own, doesn't mean the answers won't come, when you are ready for the next step....

Just because.

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