Thursday, September 06, 2007

What I Learned From Seth Godin

Don't you just love it when you read someone's blog and their thoughts mirror yours??

I have just done that with the following comments on the blog of Arizona High Tech Talent Partnership in article about the wisdom of Seth Godin

Here you go:

Seth’s message was about the positive feelings that can be generated by caring people practicing excellent customer care.

On page 114 of “Small is the New Big” is this pearl of wisdom

Some relevant selections from Seth’s article include:

“These people were actually trying. Because they wanted to, not because they had to.”
- Seth Godin

“There is no perfect experience. But this was great storytelling, storytelling with authenticity from caring people. It restored my faith (at least a little) in what organizations can do.”
- Seth Godin

To make people feel like they are valued and appreciated take small simple changes but it usually does take change. Make an effort to cheer up one person or make them feel special today and see how much better that makes you feel.
- Bill Austin

Thanks guys... I feel much better now!

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