Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Will a Royal Commission fix Banksia Hill?

Even when the former head of Western Australia's Children's Court has called for a Royal Commission into the state's juvenile justice system as the fallout over the treatment of youth offenders in the state reaches boiling point, will a solution be found.

The call comes in response to a Four Corners investigation, revealing confronting footage of the treatment of a child at Banksia Hill detention centre.

On the same day, WA's current Children's Court president – Hylton Quail – again condemned the treatment of juvenile detainees at Banksia Hill.

His comments were made while sentencing a different teenager who had spent almost 64 per cent of his last stint in custody in unlawful solitary confinement, much of which was spent at the infamous unit 18 at WA's adult maximum security jail.

The boy sentenced on Monday is not the same boy Four Corners is reporting on.

Judge Quail spent almost one hour delivering his sentencing remarks for the teenager, who appeared before the court on numerous charges, including two counts of aggravated home burglary and one count of aggravated robbery.

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