Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The rise and rise of womens sport

The AFLW and NRLW seasons are in full swing, the Matildas are scoring goals left right and centre, and Emma McKeon became the most decorated Commonwealth Games athlete ever earlier this year. The momentum that women’s sport has at the moment is unprecedented, but despite this, it still has a way to go to be on equal footing with men’s games. 

Mediaweek spoke to Fox League presenter and journalist, Lara Pitt, and Collingwood AFLW player, Chloe Molloy, at the Ministry of Sport's Women In Sport Summit on the Gold Coast.

Once upon a time, sports broadcasting was a realm made up almost entirely of men. As more and more women get involved in all aspects of the business, however, Pitt says she wouldn’t necessarily call sports broadcasting male-dominated in 2022.

Pitt: “I’ve been in this role at Fox for 16 years, and it was initially a very entry-level position. But there was a wave of women coming through at the time in 2006, and a lot of them are still on our coverage. 

“I would agree to a point that it was very male-dominated, but women are broadcasting across all codes – NRL, NRLW, AFL, AFLW, motorsport. Netball is all female faces. It’s very natural for people to constantly say that sport and broadcasting is male-dominated, but I actually don’t think it’s the case anymore.”

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