Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bunbury is it terminal!

I have just spent 48 hours in Western Australia's second city - Bunbury and in a 400 metre walk counted 62 "For lease " signs in the CBD... also saw many shops "crossing the road" to take advantage of cheaper rent - I had not seen that before, plus I saw a couple of signs that offered 3 months rent free to "try out" your retail idea!

I stayed at the Lord Forrest Hotel - still is reasonably good shape although 40 years young.

But in a sign of giving up the street signs weren't put out on the street because there was any passing traffic... the 100 seat restaurant "Unwind" had 96 vacant seats.... are times really tough or does thinking it is so, make it so.

Here is a google search result for shops in Bunbury: Discover 113 shop & retail properties for lease in Bunbury, WA 6230.


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