Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Cricket the Love Affair for me is Over!

My first strong memories are of being up in the middle of the night with my dad listening to Ashes Cricket on the ABC with Alan McGilvray or Wimbelton Tennis.... and I am told I was about 3 years old... so over 60 years ago. I think my life has been defined by cricket - Lillee Marsh, Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, Mark Taylor and of Course Bill and Richie... 

But the dream dies that day in South Africa when they got caught cheating - I am not saying they didn't cheat before but they didn't get caught. I often expressed the belief that we [ The Australian Cricket team ] were poor winners and poor losers. But to get caught cheating.... that was the end.

So this year, I ignored all forms of cricket - have let Foxtel go as the only reason to have it would be they have paid mega millions for cricket.

And today, in the longest run drought in history for Australian batters, the press is filled with 3 tons against the Sri Lankans and I think "so what" they are obviously a worse team than Australia and we should be thrashing them and then I think "so what!"

The only issue it is a big hole to fill with cricket games often going all day for 5 days at a time...

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