Friday, March 16, 2018

The 7 Essentials of why Training is Great!

[1/7] Is staff training worth it?? According to ATD training can lead to 218% increase of income per employee and a 24% increase in profit margin... shouldn't you be investing in your people?
[2/7] The national Centre of Educational Quality of the Workforce says training gives a better increase in productivity [ 10% ] than upgrade equipment [ 3.4% ]
[3/7] Research says if you don't train NEW employees 40% will leave within the first year!
[4/7] 70% of staff say they stay longer when they get job specific training...
[5/7] How do employees feel about NO Training... 74% felt that they weren't achieving their full potential at work.
[6/7] When employees feel you care by providing training they are more engaged - a Dale Carnegie survey says engage employees out perform other by 202%
[7/7] Surprise surprise Millennials say [ a whopping 87%] say developing new vocational skills is significant to them.

The 7 Essentials of why Training is Great!
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