Thursday, December 07, 2017

Of course you joke!

The little Fiat 500 had a name too ....
I am at Chevron Island on the Gold Coast Queensland [ still part of Australia ] enjoying a coffee but the world starts later here - in Perth my favourite coffee stops open at 5 am but I haven't found that one here yet - consigned to a 6 am start.
Yesterday we went with friends to Mount Tamborine... and had a fabulous day.
On the way home the local ABC news station report a dreadful natural event in Tamborine ... a branch from a large tree fell on parked cars and they had a local interview the owner of a Fiat 500 which was damaged by the fall. The interview was amazing for it's quaintness - the card had a name and we heard of the excitement created by the electrical sparks from the downed power lines - obviously news from a country town perspective.
Later, when we had returned to the "big smoke" on the Gold Coast we watched/listened to the same event from main stream media... apparently someone else was injured somehow and transported to hospital by ambulance... we don't know how "they" are but there surely will be a claim against the Town of Tamborine ... and we shouldn't park under shady trees in Tamborine as branches might fall... nobody mentioned that this was actually the first recorded example of this happening but that, obviously, would muck up a good story.
I wouldn't be surprised in weekend numbers at Tamborine are down this week as people avoid the possibility of being hit by a tree.

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