Thursday, December 15, 2016

USEFUL BELIEF Best reads of 2016 [1 of 5]

Useful Belief Chris HELDER
Useful Belief by Chris Helder 2016 saw me presenting our most popular half day seminars Stepping Up to Supervision and Successfully Managing People. A common theme was that “the young people of today” are just horrible: lazy, opinionated, entitled selfie-lovers and of course narcissistic. In Helder’s book “Useful Belief” proposes if you treat these young people as “lazy, opinionated, entitled selfie-lovers and of course narcissistic” you get that result. He proposes that a Useful Belief would be that they are the most amazing you people that ever were... and that if you treated them as such, you would have these amazing young people who surprised you everyday with how good they were! Of course there are example of this in the workplace of 2016 - Apple Shops characterise their young people as GENIUSES and magically they act that way - they are still all the other things that set young people aside but somehow that simple re titling turns them into Super Stars. There are many other examples that are practical and useful in this book and i commend it to you - either to further your management career or just to be a better parent. Available at all good book stores - I have purchased and gifted more than a dozen - I grab them at Bookshop at Melbourne Airport - a great place to find new books.

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