Sunday, October 12, 2014

First World Problem downgraded from Gold to Silver [Qantas]

Mmmm customers a distant second??
It seemed like I hadn't travelled as mush as usual this year, and it was confirmed when I booked my flight to Brisbane on Friday... it said SILVER where as since September 1st 2001 it has said GOLD or PLATINUM. Shock and horror.

I called the Qantas Club and explained to the guy on the other end that if Qantas actually flew to international cities from Perth... they have given all their flights to Emirates!! I would have stacks of status points to maintain my GOLD level.

He agreed that I still clocked up lots of flights with Qantas, had been loyal for 15 years, and, whilst usually  the answer was "no we can't do anything" he would strongly recommend to his supervisor that they should reinstate my GOLD. He would request it immediately and took my phone number so he could ring me back.

Well obviously 15 years of customer loyalty hasn't counted because here I am in the Qantas Lounge now a tattered SILVER member and the penalties of lack of status already are starting to bite. My 2 pieces of luggage weight only 21 kilos but because they are 2 I was presented with a $40 excess bill!

I might have to start considering Virgin who have upped their game lately with Lounges and included food and wine and entertainment and they are $20 on average a flight cheaper.

I will given them a call from Brisbane in the morning and see how my "reinstatement" is going.


  1. Obviously some companies don't value loyalty anymore.

  2. After 3 attempts... I am back at GOLD...