Sunday, May 25, 2014

On rules and other things...

Google Slap
I watched Bill Gates being interviewed on Australian televisions Q & A Question: Why don't you pay more tax... don't you think it is unfair how little Microsoft and Apple pay?? Gates answer: We are under an obligation from our share holders to pay only what tax we are legally obliged to pay. They would not be happy if we paid more than we had to. If you want us to pay more tax, change the tax laws and we will be obliged to pay what we are legally obliged to pay. We play by the legal rules..."

Our obligation when we are involved in a game, like Empire Avenue on the net, is to play the game by the rules... we don't have to like the rules, just know them.

Think for content... Google is the biggest game in town. When they are unhappy with what we the players are doing, when we are "gaming the system" Matt Cutts get on YouTube and advises that the rules have been changed... they change the algorithm and off we go and learn the new rules...

Oh how I hate the Google slap but I want to play in their game so I learn the new rules...

To the admins of any net game, all the best guys, just don't kill the game with too many rule changes.

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