Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Success is easy... just showing up is half the job done

Macca's Coffee this morning
Although today is only the 3rd business day of the new year, already I am achieving progress towards my goal for 2014... my 60 city World Tour of my Social Media 2014 seminar... just 5 minutes ago I processed the 15th booking for the series... now that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't started!

Most of my achievements revolve around the fact that I start early and I follow a routine:

Up and working by 4.30 am...

Walk [ about 5 kms ] from 5.45 am to 6.45 am with a stop for a coffee and a quick glance of the newspaper in the middle. [ Usually at Macca's in Morley or Fast Eddy's when they are open on Friday through Sunday... ]

And while I am walking my emails are shooting out to mail boxes across the land.

And when I return, time to shower and do my social media updating while I have my second coffee.

How does all this happen - well I decided that this is how I work, and there are no decisions to make, just a path to follow.

 And you know, for someone who does nothing much, the money seems to roll in and I seem to be happy with my place in the universe.

[ and this routine is the same whether I am in Doha, Qatar, or London UK or Sydney Australia... why, because that is how it is... I have made showing up a habit and that leads the job to being half done!]

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