Saturday, January 11, 2014

Post 1283 - that's a lot of nonsense

My Tusker Beer T from Kenya
"You should write something every single day...." Seth Godin

Today is saturday in Perth Western Australia and the weather man says it will be 44c [ 11.2F ] by 3pm...

I am sitting at my library desk thinkinng it will be too hot to venture out when Joanne says..."I know it is hot BUT there are these cute shoes at a new shop we haven't been to, do you want to take me..."

I have learned that when Joanne asks me something, it isn't really a question... so I say, "it will be cool in the car and in the shop, so if we park close we should be right."

So, we will be off in a few minutes which leaves me just enough time to write post 1238...

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