Saturday, August 24, 2013

Klout Influence... when should you use it

Problem: I am currently a paying customer of APT Holidays Canadian Alaskian holidays. Last night our meal at Whistler was a 10/10 and maybe more... tonight in Sun Peeks at best it was a 4.5/10

What's my dilemma? Do I use my KLOUT 81 to praise the good... or to critise the bad?? [Assumes people notice]

Would love to have your feedback.


  1. You would know better if you want to deal with it privately, post publicly with gracious professionalism about disappointment, & I believe you wouldn't post inappropriately.

  2. Thanks Mark... I think the dilema was more I am really a third party in the transaction... and I made my feelings known to our tour guide host and will leave it at that.

    I will wait until the tour ends and write objectively about the tour... which is VERY good so far!!