Monday, September 12, 2011

Why you should get involved with Google + ?

!f you are like me, you probably use a number of Google’s applications like: Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger,  AdSense,  AdWords, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Talk – and most of these every days!

And of course, Google It! has become a figure of speech and also a verb!!
Since the first day I discovered Google search, I doubt there has been a day when I wasn’t thankful for the guys who started Google. I can actually remember the email from a great friend, Pat Rimmington, who said “Have a look at this!!”

For years, Google has enriched our lives, made us more productive, efficient, and saved us time.  They’ve made award winning applications and have over one BILLION users around the world using Google’s various  applications and technologies. 
However, one thing has been missing that would change EVERYTHING!  One thing that would allow Google to completely change the way we use the Internet.  Something that would make our lives simpler, faster, and better online.  I believe that is Google +

Big call I know but think about how with all the applications, technologies, and social networking websites that are available online today, our capabilities have increased a thousand fold yet at the same time our lives online have become incredibly complex and inefficient. 

Think about how many accounts and passwords you have online and how many different websites you visit throughout the day to accomplish your various objectives.  Google saw what no one else could see..... Immense inefficiency.

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