Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Celebrities - getting their attention and glow!

Ashton Kutcher is @aplusk on Twitter
Celebrities have made a real impact on Twitter... with the top names having millions of followers.

Whether you want to know what projects they are working on - Ashton Kutcher is working to raise awareness of human trafficking of children  [7 Million followers] or what they are talking about Stephen Fry which is everything British [2.8 million]

Twitter is one of the very few places they spill the beans without their thoughts being filtered by their media minders.

Celebrities may not always want to talk to the press, but if they have something to say they can shout it to the world via this popular online medium.

Some even shout out and respond to their fans personally - that is really something.

So how do you get these people to help your cause?? Retweet their tweets, engage in conversation and write articles mentioning them...

Here are the twitter accounts of my favourite 11 celebrities.

Ashton Kutcher 7 million
Stephen Fry 2.8 million
Lady Gaga 11.5 million
Pink 4.4m
Justin Bieber 11m
Britney Spears 8.5m
Shane Warne  490 k
Paris Hilton 4.2m
Paulo Coelho 1.9m
Yoko On 1.5m
LL Cool J 1.5m

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