Thursday, November 04, 2010

Telstra Telstra B*&^*y Telstra

Gee... don't you get pissed off when you ring Telstra and select the automatic voice option for payment advice... it can't recognise your Australian accent and then they put you through to a Philippines call centre, using Voip, with a poor line with someone who has such a thick accent you cant understand them... and they have NO HOPE understanding you..

Then they ask you to identify yourself:

Phone Number: 0429 *** ***

Name: Wayne Mansfield [how do you spell that she asks... three attempts later gets it..]

Date of Birth: 23 January [ok with that because now you have started talking slower and louder!!]

Password: ***

You would think by this time they would have a fair idea who you were but NO!! they need further information...

As I said... Telstra Telstra B*&^%y Telstra - if they didn't have the best coverage I wonder how many people would stay??


  1. Good help is hard to find,lol, you paint a vivid picture. Hope you finally got through

  2. Anonymous2:07 pm

    I worked for the organisation for 13 years and the customer service just got worse and worse it is scarey when I know more still today than the experts on the other end of the phone. Telstra needs to undo all the little dodgy back hand deals they did with Sol and go back to basics before it's too late.